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we conducted a site inspection for a client in sunbury, vic who was uneasy about a retaining wall that was showing signs of collapsing due to poor workmanship and and quality in structure. the wall in question was new, only just over 6 months old; this is not what you want an expensive consmetic investment to do at such a young age! please remember to follow the appropriate guidelines when building a foundation for walls and make sure to seek professional services to get only the best quality for your project; protect your investment by protecting yourself.
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COVID-19 restirctions for melbourne enter stage 4 - we pride ourselves on only the highest quality, level of excellence and above all; the safety of our workforce and the people around us at all times. new laws state that no more than 5 workers are to be in attendance on site, this is more than enough for us to deliver the same timely experience at only the highest level of result, we work harder and smarter to achieve sucess and complete the job using the right measuures with social distancing procedures in place.  
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